The Hub Newsletter, Issue 1 : April 2015

APRIL 2015


Happy Easter, and welcome to the first edition of The Hub Newsletter!

2015 is proving to hold a lot of enthusiasm for the NRM Spatial Hub project nationwide, and we’re thrilled to be rolling it out with significant support across many levels.

This month the NRM Spatial Hub Team is headed for the Northern Territory to attend the 18th Biennial Australian Rangeland Society Conference in Alice Springs. If you’re attending make sure to come and visit us at the Rangeland NRM Alliance stand – we’d love to see you.

The NRM Spatial Hub brings together research and developments in spatial information systems, to support the delivery of sustainable production and ecosystem services. The initiative will demonstrate the value of integrating world-leading time-series remote sensing of ground cover, and biomass, in to land condition monitoring and total grazing pressure management.

This project will use remote sensing data for ground cover in a way that’s not been available to land holders before.

For the first time, the sheep and beef meat industries will be able to use and compare their own data with government data, in a truly interactive way.

The online farm planning and information system will provide regional NRM bodies and land managers with the right data and mapping tools to allow the development, and maintenance, of digital farm plans, infrastructure maps and on-ground work across the rangelands.

Over the next 6 months a small team including Gary Bastin, John Carter, Dan Tindall, Robyn Cowley, Giselle Whish, Joe Scanlan and Phil Tickle will be analysing grazing trials using the latest remote sensing of ground cover products; producing a review and synthesis of the current science, and providing recommendations to Meat and Livestock Australia and the National Rangeland NRM Alliance on future Hub developments of tools, to assist with determining safe carrying capacity and stocking decisions across the rangelands.

Until next month, all the best from the NRM Spatial Hub Team.

(Phil Tickle, Phil Delaney, Mike Digby, Lee Blacklock, Kate Forrest, Rebecca Trevithick, Megan Woodward)



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Our Partners

The NRM Spatial Hub project is supported through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme and other significant cash and in-kind support from Meat and Livestock Australia and other partners, including:

The Rangelands Alliance members comprising of 14 NRM Regional Bodies; the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI); the Queensland Remote Sensing Centre, the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the NT Departments of Primary Industries and Land Resource Management, and multiple other organisations across Australia.