50, 000 acre property “Salisbury” in the Marra Creek area of New South Wales is in typical heavy saltbush country featuring artesian bores.

First purchased in 1977 by Grant MacAlpines father, Grant now runs the property with his wife Catherine and son William.

They run merino sheep, and in a normal year stock five to six thousand breeding ewes, plus 2, 500 to 3, 000 ewe lambs, up to 3, 000 wethers plus cattle on a seasonal basis.

Grant MacAlpine lists sustainability, profitability and growth as the main driving factors for him and his family.

“That’s part of our motivation to be involved in the NRM Spatial Hub project,” Mr MacAlpine said.

“The main benefits for our operation will being able to better track ground cover, assess stocking pressure and the impact of ponding and fencing, as well as general pasture improvement,” he said.

Mr MacAlpine said mapping technology is an important tool for land managers to have access to as it provides a measurable way of determining the impact of grazing on country.

“It doesn’t have to everything to everyone, but innovation is very important to the agriculture industry and should be seen as a helpful tool to take advantage of,” he said.


Ray Thompson from Central West Local Land Services and Will MacAlpine (Grant MacAlpine’s son) participating in some basic GPS training with NRM Spatial Hub specialist, Lee Blacklock

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